Summer is here and summer vacation is right around the corner — or perhaps it’s already started for your family. If Mom and Dad have to work, how do the kids stay entertained? What can your family do even if Mom and Dad only have two weeks vacation but the kids are off for months? Staycation is the way to go! We have tips to decorate your staycation spot to make it seem as though your backyard is a vacation spot every time you set foot out there.

Many families with swimming pools find they enjoy their pool so much that they tend to gravitate toward spending time in the backyard and at home and putting vacation funds into decorating the backyard. After all, when you decorate your backyard, you have a space that you can enjoy for years to come — not merely a week away that will have great memories, but no other tangible effects.

Decorate your staycation spot

When you have worked with your swimming pool contractor from Imperial Pools in Decatur, Illinois to have your swimming pool constructed, you can call on them again to help you amp up the fun and aesthetics of the pool space.

What are some ways you can decorate to give your back yard a vacation feel?

  1. Add a gazebo or a cabana or pergola
  2. Add umbrellas or awnings
  3. String a hammock between two trees
  4. Add a fountain or a rock water fall
  5. Decorate with Chinese lanterns or other string twinkling lights
  6. Decorate with moveable plants and trees
  7. Don’t forget to update, upgrade or install an outdoor kitchen

Don’t forget that outdoor fun doesn’t have to end when summer is over. Your staycation spot can be outfitted with fire features that allow you and your family to snuggle together around the warmth of a fire pit or other fire feature. When the weather turns cool, grab some blankets and huddle together while you’re watching football and enjoying autumn snacks.

A fully appointed backyard means you can virtually move all of your living to the out of doors.

Why deal with the hassle of travel and crowded beaches and resort towns when you can decorate your backyard to be a vacation oasis right out the door? Don’t forget — to amp up the vacation feel — bring the blender and make some frozen umbrella drinks!