The summer of 2022 will be here before you know it and you don’t want to have another summer pass you by without having your own swimming pool do you? Where and how do you get started? The swimming pool contractors from Imperial Pools, Inc. in Decatur, Illinois offer tips on 5 ways to choose your pool design. These are by no means the be-all and end-all, but merely a jumping-in point to get you started.

Understanding the best swimming pool shape and design for your unique yard and your budget will be dependent on many facts including:

Consider this:

  • Building material — gunite, fiberglass or vinyl liner
  • How much yard do you want to devote to it
  • How you will use the pool — family fun, large parties, exercise or all of them
  • What budget do you have for the pool project (don’t forget to budget for ongoing upkeep as well as increases in utility bills)
  • The amount of time you will want to spend cleaning it, or if you hire a pool contractor, budget for that

5 ways to choose your pool design

Technology lets you choose a pool design that is almost as limitless as your imagination (and the budget you have to pay for it). No longer do you need to have a kidney or rectangle-shaped pool. One of the first decisions in your pool project will be to decide what construction material for the project as that will lead the conversation on budget, what you can get for your budget and the design.

Here are your checkpoints to choose shape and style:

  1. Yards “with a view” lend themselves to infinity or vanishing edge pools. These are also costly, so budget for that.
  2. Kidney and rectangle pool shapes have been considered classic and traditional for decades and they have staying power because they are beautiful and can either be understanded, elegant or both
  3. What else do you do in your yard? Cookouts? Playground equipment for the kids? Camping out in the yard? A family garden? Keep all this in mind when deciding how much space to devote to the pool.
  4. A freeform pool allows you to have the pool constructed around your existing landscaping because this pool will be built around the existing landscaping.
  5. Accessories add to the pool experience — diving board, pool heater, sun shelves, rock waterfalls and more.

Magazines and online searches are great starting points for inspiration on your own pool project and will also let you know what you want and don’t want for your pool. Give us a call and let’s start talking about your 2022 pool project.