When we pay a service visit we will check all the swimming pool equipment as well as clean the pool. We will check the pool filter, too. Is it time to change the pool sand? This is an item the pool contractors from the best pool builders in Champaign, Illinois and Imperial Pools Inc. will check the cleanliness of the water and the continued viability of the pool filter’s sand.

Your swimming pool service professionals know some filters can go more than a decade without ever having the sand changed. The sand, over time, will not be as efficient or effective in keeping the water clear. Sand gets smooth over time and won’t capture as many particles of debris as it did when it was new.

Sand in a pool filter is .45 to .55 mm in diameter and when it’s new and rough it is efficient and cuts back on maintenance and service tasks. r the dirt particles out of the water. Over time the sand gets worn down, loses its roughness and the efficiency of your filter is diminished.

Is it time to change the pool sand?

When the sand gets smooth, over time, we may need to add more sanitizer to keep the water clean. This can potentially add to the costs of maintenance and service. After about five years the sand has worn down enough that dirt can become lodged so deeply that even backwashing won’t address it. And backwashing is a time and money consuming task.

Here is what we will do if we need to change the sand in the filter:

  1. The filters are opened so the sand can be removed. The type of pool filter you have will determine the steps your service tech will need to take to remove the sand.
  2. Once the filter has been removed the sand will need to be dug out. It needs to be done carefully so the equipment doesn’t sustain any damage.
  3. After the sand has been removed the equipment will be cleaned and examined and all internal working parts will be cleaned and thoroughly inspected.
  4. If there is dirt build up the pool tech will soak the parts in a mixture of water and muriatic acid to get rid of the build up.
  5. The filter will be cleaned and rinsed and then it will be ready for installation.
  6. Water will be added until the tank is half full before new sand will be added.
  7. Every time a bag of sand has been added, it will be leveled by hand.
  8. Once the correct amount of sand has been added, the filter will be reassembled and put back into your pool.

Changing the sand in the filter is one of those tasks that are performed so infrequently that many pool owners, even DIYers hire a pool professional to take on the task. If you aren’t certain the sand in your filter needs to be changed, give us a call and let us check for you.

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