Does your pool need an acid wash? That is definitely a question for the best swimming pool contractor in Champaign, Illinois and Imperial Pools, Inc. When we pay a service visit we will always be looking at areas of your swimming pool that you may need or want to address.

Some pool items that will be addressed can be necessary — an equipment repair — or aesthetic, like an acid wash. When you look at your pool and you think it looks a bit “tired” and dingy, or is stained it might be time for an acid wash to breathe new life back into your beloved pool. An acid, or chlorine wash for your swimming pool and pool deck is something we can do for you and it brightens and refreshes your pool without undertaking a pool remodel.

If your pool has been algae-filled it is time for a chlorine wash. This will help remove any leftover green or brown left from the algae. A superchlorination will be done to get rid of the algae but it could permanently stain your pool walls, deck and floor and an acid wash with make it bright again. A chlorine acid wash should be done every couple of years because it keeps the pool’s mineral levels at normal ranges.

Does your pool need an acid wash?

Hard water or when the water in your pool exceeds a hardness of 700-800 parts per million, you run the risk of calcium deposits building up and clogging the filters, pipes and filtration system. This negatively impacts the pool equipment and its efficiency.

A chlorine wash gives your pool a new look without putting a big dent in your wallet.

An acid wash is a project your pool maintenance and service professional will take and may recommend if the plaster is stained and not bright white. To do this:

  1. He completely drains the water
  2. He or she uses muriatic acid for the cleaning
  3. The task begins by the pool pro pouring the acid down the walls and into the bottom of the pool.
  4. The pool is acid-washed one portion at a time until the entire pool has been treated

The acid wash removes organic stains, metallic stains and calcium deposits.  The acid wash will also remove a thin layer of the pool plaster — this will mean at some point in the very distant future you may need to replaster the pool but don’t let that future event stop you from having an acid wash.

An acid or chlorine wash won’t have to be done often, but it is a part of owning a swimming pool. If you have any questions about this or think you may want your pool acid washed, give us a call.

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