Have you ever wondered how to tell if it’s time to renovate the swimming pool? Do you want to renovate and remodel because it looks outdated? Is the pool equipment not running as well as it should and does it also not run as efficiently as it used to? The swimming pool contractors from Imperial Pools understand in Champaign, Illinois understand there are many reasons for a pool remodel. There are also many projects that you should consider as must-haves and others that can be nice-to-dos but maybe can be done later.

Talk with your pool contractor, let him or her know your budget and if you have specific items on your list you’d like to see addressed. Your pool contractor cal let you know what you can get done with your budget. The pool contractor will also share with you those items that are necessary, those that need to be done immediately and those that are aesthetic or just nice-to-have and you can work from there.

¬†How to tell if it’s time to renovate the swimming pool

Put your budget together then the next time we pay a service visit, let’s go over your list and we will also give you our input as to what is necessary to pool operation and durability.

  1. If the plaster is pitted and discolored, an acid wash will breathe new life into it. New plaster in varying textures or colors will add to the aesthetic appeal.
  2. If your family wants to make a switch away from chlorine, making a change to a saltwater pool chlorination system will keep the pool clean and use many fewer chemicals.
  3. Adding lighting to the pool will make it safer to swim at night. Lights — LED are preferred — will also add to the aesthetic appeal of the pool.
  4. Automation will help cut back on the time you need to spend cleaning the pool between service visits. Automation can also turn the lights on and off, turn the pump and filter on and off after it’s run all night, open and close the pool cover and turn the heater on and off.
  5. Add water features like a rock waterfall, fountains, sunshelves or a fountain.
  6. Update and upgrade the deck and outdoor living space.

Put your wish list together, then set your budget and give us a call and let’s make your pool remodel project a reality.