Not all of our customers use their hot tubs as often in the summer. But we do know that some do on those cooler nights or mornings and we want to offer tips on how to care for your hot tub or spa even if you’re not using it as frequently.

The swimming pool service contractors and builders from the best pool builders in Decatur, Illinois work with pool and hot tub owners to construct and clean and maintain these wonderful water-filled structures year round. A hot tub is a delight to have on cool nights and mornings as well as a way to soak away stress or recovery from an injury.

The heat and pulsating jets can work out aches and pains and alleviate back pain and arthritis and that makes them ideal no matter the time of the year. It is sometimes easy to forget about the hot tub or spa if you don’t use it regularly but we need to let you know that is not a great idea. If there is water in it — it needs to be cared for.

A poorly maintained hot tub will quickly become a breeding ground for bacteria and microorganisms and lead to illness in those with poor immune systems. This will be an issue also — untreated water — if you want to use the hot tub and when you test the chemistry you find out it is out of balance and now you have to get it back in balance before you can use it — that usually means you’re not soaking then.

How to care for your hot tub or spa

The hot tub holds much less water than a swimming pool and that means that the concentration of “bodies per square inch” is much higher and those bodies can bring bacteria and organic materials that can wreak havoc with the water chemistry.

Add in heat to the equation and the potential for bacteria explodes! When you work with one of our swimming pool and hot tub professionals you can rest assured that when you want to use the hot tub or spa it will be ready for you and the water will be safe for a soak.

Checking and testing and adding chemicals to the hot tub water is something the DIYer can certainly do. We have found that most of our customers just want to soak; they don’t want to have to become a chemist to assure the water is clean enough for them to use. No one should ever swim in potentially bacteria-infested water. You need to, and want to, test the water before you use it to avoid illness.

NOTE: If you use a hot tub or spa at a friend’s house and your skin develops a rash or dry itchy skin it could be because of a water-borne bacteria issue. If it doesn’t go away seek medical attention.

We have been working with our customers during this entire coronavirus pandemic to assure their pools are clean and bacteria-free. Swimming pool contractors are considered essential workers and we comply with all CDC and safety regulations to assure your health as well as the health of our staff.