Do-it-yourself pool owners need to know how to store pool chemicals safely. The swimming pool contractors from Imperial Pools, in Decatur, IL can show the DIYer how to clean and maintain the pool or take that task off their shoulders. Many pool owners find they spend more money when they do it themselves because chemical balancing is a tricky process.

How to store pool chemicals

Here is what you need to consider when DIYing pool maintenance and having to store chemicals

  1. Where. Do you have a shed or other storage space you could dedicate to it? Does it lock to keep children and pets out of it? Does the storage space have ventilation? You don’t want them to be stored in a spot of extreme heat and direct sunlight.
  2. The chemicals need to be stored in a container — a hard plastic bin, for example — with a lid that fits tightly. Invest in more than one bin and store the chemicals separately. Make sure they are stored off the ground but don’t put them so high up that you are lifting them above your head to get them.
  3. Check with your local municipality to see if there are regulations for pool chemical storage
  4. Don’t reuse chemical containers. It may be tempting to buy in bulk and reuse a container –please don’t. Empty them then dispose of them according to your local laws.
  5. Don’t stack the chemicals on top of one another. Don’t store the liquids with dry chemicals.
  6. Keep pool chemicals away from gasoline, herbicides, fertilizers, household chemicals and flammable materials.

Wash your hands thoroughly each time you’re done handling the chemicals. Make certain children and pets have no access to them. Also, give us a call and we can give you some insight and training into how to use and store them safely.

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