When is the last time you cleaned the hot tub cover? How to safely clean a hot tub cover may not be something you’d thought about, but the swimming pool contractors from Imperial Pools, Inc. explain it is a necessary part of hot tub and spa ownership.

Hot tub covers are a necessary part of hot tub ownership because they keep children out, trap the heat from the water, slow the rate of evaporation, and keep out dirt and debris. Because they are subjected to the bubbling water and chemicals, you will need to set aside time to clean the hot tub cover. Even weather can wreak havoc on the cover.

Set aside time at least once a month — better yet would be two times a month — to clean the hot tub cover.

How to safely clean a hot tub cover

Cleaning a hot tub cover may seem like a chore, but it doesn’t have to be too time-consuming. Here are some tips:

  1. Wash the cover should top and bottom
  2. Use soap specifically made for the task
  3. Remember what you use to clean the cover will drip into the hot tub and can upset the water chemistry
  4. Unbalanced water chemistry can damage the underside of the hot tub — another reason to clean it
  5. Pay attention to the zipper on the cover as chemical build up can lead to rusting and make it difficult to open
  6. Avoid cleaners that contain silicone or silicone based products because this can harm the protective coating on the hot tub cover.
  7. Choose a warm day to do the task and the sun can help it dry more quickly

We can certainly clean the hot tub cover when we pay a service visit. Let us know so we can plan our time and let you know the potential cost.