Are you still happy with the look of your swimming pool? Are you ready to make those additions to your pool that you didn’t do when you first had it constructed? How to prepare for a pool remodeling project is something that the swimming pool contractors from Imperial Pools talk with their customers about.

When it’s time to undertake a pool remodel, there will be must-haves and must-dos and there will be those items that have been on your wish list that you can now have implemented. When you have owned your swimming pool for any number of years, you will look at it and feel that it needs an upgrade and it will breathe new life into your once much loved pool.

Because your pool is the place where you spend hours with friends and family, you will find at some point you want to make it more exciting than it currently is!

How to prepare for a pool remodeling project

From functionality to aesthetics to money saving upgrades and updates, is this the year you’re ready for a swimming pool upgrade? If so here are some things to consider.

  • Resurfacing the concrete or the concrete deck. This is a major project, but when the pool is resurfaced it breathes new life into it and the pool will look brand new. If you own a concrete pool, it will be occasionally acid washed and after many years of acid washing it will need to be resurfaced.
  • Go big! Add a hot tub or spa — either a swim up style right into one end of the pool or as a stand alone structure.
  • Equipment upgrades will save money in the long run because they will run more efficiently than will older, potentially worn out models. Also, upgrades and updates to pool equipment technology adds to its energy efficiency.
  • Fun! Remember, not all pool remodeling projects need to be focused on aesthetics or functionality. How about adding a diving board or a slide or a fountain? What other types of pool accessories have you dreamed of? Talk to us about adding those during your pool remodeling project.

Thinking of upgrading, updating or remodeling your pool this season? Give us a call now and we may be able to start your project before swim season kicks into high gear or we can get you on our schedule and start your project after the season is over — you don’t want to miss valuable swim time.