Yeah! You have your own hot tub! Maybe you’ve had a swimming pool for a while or maybe you just have a hot tub, but you know that there is luxury like no other when you sink into the depths of that heated, jetted water. How to keep hot tub water clean is something you can talk with the hot tub and swimming pool contractors from Imperial Pools in Decatur, Illinois about.

Once the hot tub construction is over you will be spending many, many hours in the hot tub. Whether you soak for relaxation, stress relief, health benefits or a combination, the soothing jets and heated water will soothe you — body and mind.

Just as with a swimming pool, you need to make certain the water you’re soaking in is clean and bacteria-free. Because of the heat in the water, bacteria can quickly grow if the water isn’t properly and regularly tested and treated.

Soaking in hot tub water that isn’t properly cleaned and sanitized, you also risk infection if you have any cuts or sores or even if you inhale the contaminated water droplets.

How to keep hot tub water clean

A hot tub has less water per volume than a pool and the concentration of bodies per square inch of water is higher and that means the water will get dirtier, quicker. Don’t stress though, you can easily take care of the hot tub water yourself or you can hire a professional from Imperial Pools to care for the hot tub water on your behalf.

Invest in a water test kit and test the hot tub water between service visits. The test strips are easy to use an simple to understand. Knowing how much chemical to add to the hot tub water is a more nuanced challenge and that’s why some hot tub and pool owners opt to work with a pool or hot tub service contractor to keep the hot water clean.

While you will certainly know whether your own hot tub water is bacteria-free you have no way of knowing if the water in a friend’s hot tub is. If you’re invited for a soak in their hot tub and if your skin develops a red, bumpy, rash this could be a sign of a waterborne bacteria-caused illness. If this occurs, contact your doctor. Frankly, the chances are likely very slim so enjoy the soak.

Just make certain you are diligent in the care and testing of your hot tub water.