Getting a bird’s eye view of the completed pool project and sharing 3 reasons to get a 3D pool design from the best swimming pool builder in Champaign, IL will help you get a really good feeling for how the pool will fit into your yard and your lifestyle. When having a pool built, ask for a 3D rendering of the potential designs.

When you get a 3D rendering it’s easier to envision the completed pool project. The 3D imaging gives the pool contractor a way to show you how the pool will look in different areas of the yard and also let you envision how unique shapes will look if the project is chosen.

3 reasons to get a 3D pool design

3D technology is still relatively new to pool construction. Prior to this, pool contractors sketched a potential pool design on a notepad or on a blueprint. This can certainly give you a vague idea of what the completed project might look like, but if you don’t have a great imagination there were still items that were up in the air.

An additional benefit of 3D imaging is you can know what the pool will look like and more importantly how it will fit into your backyard and what the flow of the outdoor living space will be once the pool is constructed. When you have a meeting with us and we show you the 3D rendering we can easily and quickly pivot and re-draw the pool so you can see it in real time.

Here are the benefits of a 3D rendering :

  1.  Guesswork is removed from the project.
  2. You have an option of seeing what particular accessories would look like — a deck, a pool house and other water features.
  3. A bird’s-eye view is a great way to truly see how the pool fits into your entire yard, with your home and with existing landscaping elements.

Give us a call and let’s talk about your 2023 swimming pool project. There is no better time than now to kick that off!

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