Get a pool house this year Now that you and your family own your own swimming pool, what can you do to make backyard living even more fun?! Consider how much time you spend around the pool and it makes sense to have a structure that allows you to live out of doors all summer long.

Should you get a pool house? What would you put in it? Where would it go? What will it cost? The swimming pool contractors from Imperial Pool Bulders offer information and insight on what a pool house is and why you might want one.

Get a pool house this year

Pool houses can be full structures akin to your home or they can be open air styles and/or can be as well-equipped as your house. You can get a pool house that’s ideal for lounging pool side on outdoor furniture or you could have one that has a bedroom, bathroom, laundry room and more. Do you want your pool house to be functional only or do you want it to provide additional outdoor living and sleeping space?

  • Check in with local zoning and building officials to see what requirements the new structure needs to meet. You will also want to check with your insurance agent about coverage for this additional structure.
  • Even if you want a merely functional — rather than fully living space — pool house you may still want to add a bathroom and shower so guests can use that rather than going into the house.
  • Consider a stackable washer and dryer unit to wash suits, towels and other wet pool items.
  • Have your budget for the pool house project firmly set before you meet with your contractor. Know what you can’t live without and what items are negotiable.
  • Know what you want to use the pool house for, how often you think you will use it and what you want to have in it before you talk with a contractor.

You will also need to decide where you want the pool house to be. Adjacent to the pool (that’s what most people do) but some put it off to the side of the pool, nestled into a corner of the yard to make it seem as though it’s another staycation spot in the yard.