Heading to a waterpark may be a thing of the past with the coronavirus pandemic still gripping the country. If you have your own swimming pool though, chances are you have been using it more often than you had in the past. If you and your family want to find a way to have even more fun in the pool especially if you can’t have waterpark fun we can let you know how to have a lazy river accessory — one of the many things that makes a water park fun!

The swimming pool contractors in Decatur, Illinois from Imperial Pools, Inc. work with their pool customers — either during a new build or a pool remodeling project about whether they have enough yard and pool space to accommodate a lazy river feature. If you and your children are missing water park adventures, a lazy river feature might just fix that yearning!

The lazy river is an unusual feature, but when you work with a trusted and experienced pool contractor you can add this feature to your pool and amp up the fun you and your family have even more!

How to have a lazy river accessory

A lazy river feature creates a unique experience rivaled only by a trip to an actual lazy river and white water rafting trip.

Here are three things to consider if you feel you want a lazy river in your backyard:

  1. Land. You will need at least a half an acre of land to pull it off. You could potentially have a lazy river feature if you have an available 5,000 feet. You will want the lazy river feature to be at least 100 feet long, in order to have the full experience. If you want that type of feature, but don’t have enough room, consider a circular or oval river, rather than a long river. Make certain the river feature is at least six feet wide to accommodate inner tubes.
  2. Why not install an island as part of the lazy river project. At a water park a lazy river typically wraps around, or ends at an island. You don’t need an island, but some pool owners want one.
  3. Work with a swimming pool contractor that is well-versed in the safety regulations and the construction nuances for the installation of your lazy river.

Do you want a lazy river for your pool? Give us a call. We can pay a pre-construction visit and we practice social distancing to keep you and our staff safe. Give us a call today and let’s talk about this — or any other project you’re considering.