Has your swimming pool been closed for the season? Does that mean you have to move all of your outdoor living indoors? Not necessarily. The swimming pool contractors from Imperial Pools in Decatur, Illinois understand that if it’s warm — or warmish — you want to be outdoors before winter settles in. We have put together some patio autumn outdoor living tips if you just don’t want to give up on the patio or being poolside.

Keep in mind if you have a hot tub or spa, chances are you won’t be worrying about giving up on the patio and outdoor living, a hot tub is a way to make that dream a reality. If you have had a hot tub, you know that you can enjoy that until the snow flies and beyond.

Don’t look at the patio and outdoor living space with longing — keep living out there and enjoying it! You don’t have to be swimming to enjoy the outdoor/poolside space.

Patio autumn outdoor living tips

  1. What can you do to make the patio warm? Fireplaces, warm blankets, foot warmers — some or all of the above. Add windblocks to keep the heat contained.
  2. Update the decor. Switch from sunny summer days to pumpkins, spiced cider, cozy blankets and more. Add LED candles to the space to add light without flame. Arrange gourds, corn stalks and even some Halloween decorations.
  3. Host an autumn outdoor party. Serve casseroles, mulled cider, warm drinks and marshmallows for the children to cook over an open fire pit.
  4. Decorate the outdoor space with weatherproof furniture and accessories. If you’re going to cook and eat out of doors and want to set up a space where you can keep your kitchen utensils, choose a weatherproof space for everything.
  5. Take into consideration, how you will get to and from the patio space from the house. Is your walkway paved or will you be walking through mud? This will help you determine whether you want to have a carpet or run of any kind to help keep your feet warm and toasty while you enjoy the brisk days of autumn.

If you are not willing to give up your outdoor family time — especially with coronavirus still keeping many of us housebound, talk with us about getting a hot tub or spa or updating your outdoor living space to make it more attractive to autumn living.