Is your swimming pool workout as effective as it could be or should be? How to get a good in-pool workout is something the swimming pool contractors from Imperial Pools, the best pool builder, in Decatur, Illinois talk with pool owners about all the time.

You can intensify your pool workout by adding equipment or you can swim laps, do in pool yoga or even run in place or from side to side and you’re getting a great cardiovascular workout in a low impact way!

Exercising in a swimming pool is great because it doesn’t feel like exercise! What could be better than that? Working out without breaking a sweat! That is a win-win in our book!

How to get a good in-pool workout

If you’ve been working out in your swimming pool and are looking to take it to the next level we have tips.

  • Wear ankle weights of an aqua jogger belt. These pieces of equipment add weight without worry of injury. Adding weights to an above ground workout can add stress and strain to your muscles and joints that you just won’t experience in the pool.
  • Kickboards let you really work your legs in a more focused fashion.
  • Wear watershoes especially if you’re going to be jogging from side to side. These will help you avoid any slip or fall and protect your feet from the pool floor as that might be jarring.
  • Water weights. You can buy dumbells or weights to use in the swimming pool to work your arms or upper body.
  • Grab a couple of your kids’ pool noodles! You can use them to amp up the resistance for arm exercises. For example, stand in the shallow end with a pool noodle in your hand — one end on each hand. Twist from the hips with the noodle in the water. Feel the resistance. Look online, too for pool noodle aerobic workout tips.

spend some time in your pool contractors showroom and uncover the other interesting workout equipment he has on hand to help you get more out of your swimming pool workout time.