Have you ever calculated how much time you spend indoors in the summer as compared to how many hours you spend in and around the swimming pool? You might be surprised to realize you spend much more time poolside than you do indoors — and why not? Who wants to be indoors when it’s a beautiful Decator, Illinois summer? How to decorate your outdoor living space to accommodate the time you spend there is a conversation many pool owners have with the pool contractors from Imperial Pools.

It’s a question that bears consideration. If you have a well-appointed and comfortable pool space, deck, patio or pool house or gazebo, you will naturally be spending more time out-of-doors.

How to decorate your outdoor living space

How comfortable is your outdoor living space? Do you truly need to be indoors during the summer? If the furniture is comfortable, there is shade, entertainment, a place to cook and a place to change into and out of swimsuits, chances are you don’t need to be indoors at all!

What can you do to make the backyard space as comfortable and inviting as your living room? We have a few ideas!

  • ¬†Make sure you have shade. In the height of a summer day, don’t let a sunburn cut your fun short! Look for awnings and umbrellas that provide UV protection as well as durability and aesthetic appeal. Decide whether you want moveable umbrellas or permanently placed umbrellas. Don’t forget to clean them off on occasion as they will gather dirt, dust and debris that can blow into the pool. In addition to having access to shaded areas, keep bottles of sunblock and sunscreen poolside to keep everyone’s skin safe from burning.
  • What do you love to do indoors that you can do outdoors? Do you love listening to music? Use your phone and a bluetooth speaker to bring music outside. Love watching television? Look for a television that fits into your outdoor living space and make certain it is in a water proof/weather proof area of the outdoor living space. Love board games with friends and family? Get tables and games that make it easy to enjoy those activities poolside. Add to the ambiance by decorating the outdoor living space with rugs, lamps, soft, comfortable furnishings, throws for those cooler nights and outdoor lighting to use when the sun goes down.
  • An outdoor kitchen with cupboards, sink, refrigerator and other indoor amenities truly means you can spend all day, everyday out of doors. Having an outdoor kitchen means you can escape the heat of the indoor kitchen and do all meal prep outside. Everyone knows that food cooked outside simply tastes better!

What would need to be in your outdoor space to help you move your indoor living outdoors for the summer?