Are you using your swimming pool for fun and to get in shape? Do you have equipment for a pool workout? If you’re not certain what to invest in, talk with your pool contractor from Imperial Pools in Champaign, Illinois to find out the best equipment for your pool workout.

When you swim, you’re exercising and it doesn’t even feel like it. When your children are frolicking in the pool they are getting in shape without even knowing it! What better way to exercise, when it doesn’t even feel like it? We can’t think of anything better!

Equipment for a pool workout

  • Invest in an aqua jogger belt or ankle weights. When you’re in the water and are wearing a weighted aqua jogger belt you are adding weight without the risk of injury. If you added weights to a jogging workout you are putting more stress and strain on your limbs. In the pool though, the aqua belt will enhance your workout but the buoyancy of the water prevents injury. Your ankle weights perform the same function as the aqua jogger belt and is ideal for a better workout when you’re using your legs.
  • Barbells or water weights. These look like dumbells and help you get an upper body and arm workout while you’re in the pool. They can be purchased in varying weights and density to help with the resistance of your workout.
  • Water shoes. You may not usually wear water shoes in the pool, but if you’re working out you should to avoid a slip and to protect your feet from the pool’s hard floor.
  • Pool noodles. Who would have thought that these fun, bendy items can help a workout! They can. A pool noodle helps with aerobic workouts and are inexpensive and the kids can have fun with them when you’re done!
  • Kickboards. Grab one of these and use your legs to kick and propel yourself from one end of the pool to the other.

Look around your pool contractor’s showroom and invest in other pool workout equipment that looks fun!