Swimming pools bring many benefits from therapeutic, physical health and well-being as well as being just plain fun! We offer tips on how to make your pool disability-friendly in the event you have someone in the house with mobility issues, or even someone recovering from an injury. Being able to get into the swimming pool, for many people is just what the doctor ordered.

The swimming pool contractors from the best pool builders in Champaign, Illinois talk with their pool owning customers quite regularly especially for those who may be aging about how to continue to get into and out of the pool safely.

Swimming, water aerobics and water walking are great ways to recover from an injury or may be ideal for those with physical disabilities.

We have ways to make your pool accessible, regardless of your age or physical ability today.

How to make your pool disability friendly

Talk with your pool contractor about any, or all, of these friendly fixes.

  • Remodeling your pool to install a permanent ramp may not be feasible, but you can purchase and install portable ramps leading from the deck to the water. People who use aquatic wheelchairs can benefit from this accessory.
  • Beach entry pools are ideal for those who cannot climb down a pool ladder. A beach entry pool will take up more yardspace but it may be just what you need to be able to safely get into and out of the pool.
  • Above ground pools may require the installation of an electronic.
  • In-pool steps are an ideal alternative to a pool ladder, although you will be giving up some swimming space but for many it’s a viable trade-off

Talk with us the next time we pay a service visit or let’s talk about the potential need for an easily accessible swimming pool when you’re in the construction planning process. We can definitely help with this and with making the pool accessible for all.