New Year’s 2021 will soon be here and with that comes the setting of New Year’s resolutions, right? So many people set resolutions to get fit and healthy, but not many stick with it. If you have a pool you may wonder how to get in shape in your swimming pool and the pool contractors from Imperial Pools, Inc. in Decatur, Illinois have suggestions.

A swim workout is one of the best ways to get fit and healthy all the while having fun! When you can swim laps or play in the pool with your friends and family and get a workout in without breaking a sweat in the middle of a hot summer then you have one of the best — and easiest ways — to stick to a workout routine.

Swimming is a low impact and a great cardio workout. Exercising in a swimming pool offers many benefits and can be undertaken even by those with joint pain. Swimming doesn’t cause any jarring impact like you’d deal with if you were jogging or running or even riding a bike.

Why should you take up swimming? That depends on the health benefits you are looking to reap.

  1. Does it hurt to jog or run?
  2. Do you like the idea of helping your heart while undertaking a low impact sport?
  3. Does the idea of exercising in the heat of a summer day while immersed in the cool depths of a pool appeal?
  4. In addition to the health benefits of swimming laps you can enjoy the recreation of it while playing with your family. Water volleyball, anyone?
  5. If you’re a runner who trains on a regular basis, and you need an activity that takes the stress off the joints, then jump into the pool a few days a week for your cardio training
  6. If you’ve suffered an injury, perhaps you can use the pool to ease your way back into exercise in a non-impact way.

How to get in shape in your swimming pool

The myriad benefits of swimming are as varied as the reasons for having a swimming pool. For many people, though, a swimming pool is in the backyard for fun and family entertainment!

Regular swim exercises build endurance, muscle strength and cardio. Use swimming as a cross-training method. Jump in the pool as a warm-up to your regular workout routine or use swimming as a way to cool down after a regular workout.

Swimming burns calories at a rate of about three calories per mile per pound of bodyweight. That means, if you weigh 150 pounds and it takes 30 minutes to swim one mile, you’ll burn about 900 calories in an hour. Your “mile” of swimming could take the form of playing in pool games as well as swimming laps.

Take a water aerobics class. In this time of coronavirus and pandemic shut-downs, you may want to find a few YouTube videos and find water aerobic exercises on there that you can do at home.

Want or need to relax? (And who doesn’t right about now) Use swim time as a way to reap psychological benefits. Practice relaxation techniques while you swim. Focus on breathing and the swim strokes. Let your mind wander and focus on your breathing and swimming techniques. Swimming can help you attain a feeling of well-being. Many swimmers find this a direct benefit of swimming.

Give us a call if you’re looking for a new pool project this year or if you want to upgrade or remodel your existing pool. We can also help keep your pool water clean and clear and make certain your pool equipment is working up to its optimal levels.