How much do you know about swimming pools? Is that even a question you’ve ever asked yourself before? Many of us haven’t, but the best pool builders in Decatur, Illinois love a little trivia and thought you might, too.

Swimming pools aren’t as modern as you may have thought. Even heated swimming pools aren’t as modern as you may have believed!

In fact, heated swimming pools were mentioned in Ancient Rome as having been built on pillars. Beneath the raised pool were fire pits that were stoked while the rich pool owner relaxed in heated comfort. Pools, originally, certainly were in the realm of only the rich. Having to heat your pool water by keeping a fire stoked beneath it certainly makes you appreciate the technology of today’s pool heater right? Did you know, though that pool heaters as we know them have only been around for a half-century.

How much do you know about swimming pools?

From their first existence, swimming pools did not grace every temple, or yard because they were too expensive, excavating the ground was time consuming and costly. The construction was also slow and tedious and filling the pool was not as simple as having water trucked in or filling it with a hose — those amenities weren’t available to early pool owners.

Another factor that caused pools to not be as prevalent is that in the 1800s swimming and the showing of skin was prohibited. That meant that swim suits had to completely cover the swimmer’s body — not too comfortable for swimming, right. And did you know that swimming the “crawl” was considered rough, crude and impolite? Funny since that is one of the most popular swim strokes today. If you were to swim the breast stroke you were not allowed to spread your legs to kick — you had to kick sideways and keep your legs “modestly spread.”

It was believed that Native Americans introduced swimming as a pleasurable activity and that they carried that activity with them to the New World and across the pond to England.

Today if you want to become a swimming pool owner it’s as easy as picking up the phone or getting online and contacting one of our experienced swimming pool contractors to begin the process. Today’s swimming pools are able to be constructed more quickly, at a better cost, are easier to fill and you and your family don’t have to swim fully clothed! If you want to own your own pool this summer, give us a call and let’s talk!