A deck. No deck. An outdoor kitchen or no kitchen. Steps or stairs…. the decisions for swimming pool construction appear never-ending. The pool contractors from Imperial Pools in Decatur, Illinois explain there are 3 pool construction items to consider that man pool owners wish they’d thought about during the planning process.

Swimming pools are major construction projects coupled with major decision making. You don’t want to make the “wrong” decision but you certainly don’t want to make a costly decision. Like thinking you only want a lap pool when you truly needed a full-sized Olympic pool or vice versa.

Take your time when working with your pool contractor. You may think that time is of the essence and it could be if you have a timeline in mind, but your pool will be a lifetime commitment and you need to make the best decisions you can for you.

3 pool construction items to consider

What are some of the decisions that new pool owners either don’t think about or don’t think about and think through enough?

  1. The size of the pool. Know how many people will typically use your pool. If you have a houseful of people one or two times a year, don’t base the pool construction size around those times when you have twenty or thirty people there. Determine how many people, on average, will use the pool. Let us know and let’s talk about how you want to use the pool with those people.
  2.  Do you want in-pool stairs or do you want a pool ladder? More importantly, where do you want these steps or stairs? Consider the design of your pool and how the placement of the steps or stairs might impede swimming. For example, if you get a lap pool — long and thin — and you have stairs or a ladder that juts into the swim lane, will you be losing swim space and/or potentially injure yourself when you’re swimming past the steps or stairs? Ask us to offer different layout options with the stairs and see how it looks aesthetically and functionally.
  3. If you’re having a spa (well, first of all, you need to decide if this is something you want!) do you want it as a swim-up or elevated from the rest of the pool or in a different place entirely from the pool. There are benefits and drawbacks to any of the options mentioned and you need to know how you envision the hot tub fitting into the poolscape and the landscape itself and determine whether you want an elevated, sunken or in a different location spa set up.

 Talk with us and let us know your budget, what you have always imagined you’d have in your dream pool and we can work up designs that you can look at and think about until you’ve made the decision you can live with and love for decades!