When it comes to swimming pool automation, timers are one of the best items you can add. How to add timers to your swimming pool and its equipment is something the swimming pool contractors from Imperial Pools contractors in Champaign, Illinois talk with their customers about.

If you want to:

  1. Save time
  2. Save money
  3. Set it and forget it

You will want to talk with us the next time we pay a service visit or when you’re in the beginning stages of your swimming pool construction project. Timers add convenience, but more importantly, assure you don’t forget to turn the pool pump and filter on, or off. Timers also benefit other pieces of pool equipment, too.

Timers give you the ability to turn on filters, the heater and the pool pumps at a specified time and turn it off as well. When you have the pump and filter scheduled to turn on and run during the over night hours you can save money on utility bills because the cost is typically less expensive during the overnight hours. Also, when you add pool chemicals after you’re done swimming for the day, then you can also have the pool pump and filter circulate them while you sleep and the pool will be ready to swim in the following morning.

Also, you can set the timer to turn on lights or fountains at specific times and that will help heighten the ambiance once the sun goes down.

Ask us about the various types of automation you can have for your pool, where and how you can control it and the type of timers available.

How to add timers to your swimming pool

One of the timers that you can find looks much like a kitchen timer — it is a twist style. This is ideal if you’re in the hot tub and don’t want to keep track of your soaking time. Set this twist timer to turn off the jets at a specific time so you know you’ve been soaking long enough!

Look for timers you can set on your phone to turn equipment on and off at the times you choose. Ask about the cost to run these timers — it is usually minimal and whether they have batteries you need to check or if you will receive an alert if the timer has stopped working. You don’t want to believe the timer is doing its job only to find out too late that it hasn’t been working and the pool pump and filter haven’t been turning on.

Ask us how to, and where to, add timers. You may be able to retrofit your current, old equipment with a timer. New equipment typically comes with an option to have a timer feature.

We can share with you even more of the benefits of timers if you’re interested. Give us a call today. We are considered essential services and can come to your home to talk with you. We practice social distancing, follow CDC regulations and wear masks.