Not every family nor every house is suited for an inground swimming pool. The above ground pool is ideal for those who don’t have the budget or don’t know if they will be living in the house for a lifetime – or at least for decades. In that case, a lower cost above ground pool project might be just what you need! If you’re getting this type pool you may wonder how to accessorize an above ground pool.

There is nothing like jumping into the pool and spending time with friends and family in the pool. During these coronavirus pandemic times, having your own pool is a great way to beat boredom and build memories with family while you’re all at home together.

How to accessorize an above ground pool

If you’re new to pool ownership, talk with the pool contractors from Tipton Pools in Decatur, Illinois and ask about an above ground pool project and what some accessories are you should consider and what above ground pools need.

  1. You need to consider pool maintenance. Will you DIY it or will you hire a pool contractor? The answer to this will help you determine what pool cleaning equipment you will need.
  2. What kind of, and size, filter will you buy? The filter is the heart of the pool and circulates the water to clean out debris, circulate the chemicals through the water and keep the pool clean.
  3. What safety features will you invest in? you will want a pool cover, it may be required that you have a pool fence constructed. Invest in a lockable ladder, floating or wired-in alarms and other safety features.  

Look for a latter that flips up and locks. Look for a ladder that is aesthetically pleasing and functional.  

If you want to heat the pool water – and you just might if you want to get more months of use out of your investment, talk with us about the advantages and disadvantages of:

  1. Electric heaters
  2. Solar heaters
  3. Gas heaters

Pool lighting both in the pool itself and around the pool helps the pool be safer to swim in when the sun goes down. Look into LED lights as they are long-lasting and burn “cooler” and that makes them energy efficient as well as beautiful.


Don’t forget to invest in a swimming pool cover at the same time you are planning for the pool project. A pool cover keeps people safe from falling in, traps heated water, slows the rate of evaporation and helps lower the cost of pool clean up – it plays for itself!