You don’t need to live in the area of the country that sees triple digit temperatures to harness the power of the sun. How solar power can heat your pool water is something the swimming pool contractors from Imperial Pools, the best pool builder in Champaign, Illinois talks with their customers about regularly.

When you heat the pool with the power of the sun you may be able to open your pool earlier in the season and swim longer than you normally would at the end of the season. You can design a solar powered swimming pool to take advantage of the Illinois sun to warm the pool water and let you extend your pool season.

The key to your successful solar pool heating installtion project is for the installer to place it correctly in the yard — if you hire an experienced professional you can rest assured that will be the case. 

How solar power can heat your pool water

If you live in an area of the country that has extreme hot days, you may also want to consider placing your pool so it makes the best use of the sun throughout the day. You certainly don’t want a pool in full sun all day long unless you have a comfortable poolside living space where you can relax and enjoy out of the heat of the sun. Taking advantage of natural sunlight keeps the pool water warmer, longer.

Many people who are looking into solar power for heating their pool water will also opt for a darker colored pool bottom. The dark color will help retain heat; it will absorb it then slowly release it. When you have a light color pool bottom the light and heat are reflected and don’t do much to heat the pool water.

During hte solar power heating unit installation, your installer will recommend (or will do on your behalf) cut down any overhanging branches that could impact the power of the sun hitting the solar panels. 

If you are considering a solar power heating unit for your pool water, give us a call today.