Do you love throwing swimming pool parties? Are you new to swimming pool parties? If you want to know how to plan the best summer swimming pool party yet, the pool contractors from Imperial Pools, serviing Champaign & Decatur, IL have tips and safety advice for all pool parties.

Whether you’re planning a Fourth of July party, a graduation swimming pool party or any other pool party this summer we have some safety tips to keep in mind so your party only fosters happy memories.

How to plan the best summer swimming pool party

  • Enforce rules of the pool. Everyone needs to understand there is no diving if there is a pool full of people. No one is to swim alone. There needs to be someone, or more than one person, responsible for keeping track of anyone who uses the pool. Life vests should be worn by all children in the pool.
  • Sunblock is important to keep everyone from getting a burn while they’re in the pool and hanging out poolside.
  • Learn CPR. Have lifejackets and an extending pole poolside in case there is an emergency.
  • Make sure the grill is out of the pathway of foot traffic.
  • Cook foods thoroughly. Keep refrigerated foods, refrigerated. Cover foods so flies don’t get into it.
  • You may be serving adult beverages, but there should be water avaialble all day long and you should encourage everyone to stay hydrated.
  • Have somewhere for guests, who have had too many adult beverages, to spend the night.
  • Keep pets away from the swimming pool if you have a lot of people in the pool. Fill a kiddie pool and place it poolside for your pup to use.

After the sun goes down, bring out some citronella candles and have the bug repellant available to your guests can enjoy the night without worry about getting mosquito bites.