You don’t have a lot of yard space. Does that mean you can’t have a swimming pool? The pool contractors from Imperial Pools, Inc. answer the question a lot: how big does a yard need to be for a pool? There is no one-size-fits all answer nor is there an answer on “how big” it needs to be.

Many pool owners and potential pool owners look at how much space they want to devote to a pool as well as how they can best use the space to accommodate other outdoor living spaces. Don’t let a small yard — or a perceived small yard — stop you from giving us a call and discussing the potential for a pool for your family.

Here’s what we think about when determining whether a yard is large enough:

  1. How man people will use the pool regularly
  2. Are there specific accessories you want in the pool
  3. How much yard space are you willing to give to a pool
  4. What will you potentially need to give up to accommodate a pool
  5. What else do you use your backyard space for and will a pool cut into that

How big does a yard need to be for a pool?

In many parts of the country, yard space is at a premium, but even there having a pool is a possibility. You can get a lap pool and those fit into small spaces. A lap pool is just want it sounds like — a long “lap” sized swimming pool.

A splash pool is a small, round pool that mimicks the look of a fish pond. It doesn’t take up much space and is ideal for a quick soak.

Have the pool constructed closer to the house and that just might leave more space open surrounding the pool. Don’t give up on the dream of a pool, just scale your dreams to your yard size.

Ask us to give you a birds-eye view of what your yard will look like once the pool project is done.