Oh my aching back! If you have back pain or suffer from arthritis pain a soak in a hot tub or spa can alleviate that pain and help you move without stiffness. The swimming pool and hot tub contractors who are the best pool builders in Champaign, Illinois explain how a hot tub can make you healthier. Swimming pool contractors more often than not install hot tubs and spas.

The pool contractors from Imperial Pools explain Ancient Greeks and Romans had long known about the benefits of a soak in heated water. Today, hot tub and spa owners understand and appreciate the value and health benefits of their hot tubs.

A hot tub or spa soak will:

  1. encourage blood flow
  2. improve circulation
  3. promote relaxation
  4. aid in stress relief
  5. reduce pain
  6. help you get a better night’s sleep

The type of jets and the placement of them will help address potential pain areas and address it and give you relief.

When you think about the fact that Americans spend more than $50 billion a year dealing with the issues that arise from back pain and many people have such bad back pain that they cannot work. Back pain is one of the biggest areas of disability claim filings. A hot tub or spa is a small price to pay for installation and upkeep when it compares to what you’re missing in life because of that pain.

How a hot tub can make you healthier

If your doctor has prescribed heat treatments for your back pain, why not invest in a hot tub and you can get your heat treatments in the comfort of your home? A heating pad or a heat treatment at a physical therapist’s office might be beneficial, but when you’re in the hot tub, you can reap the same benefits — without leaving home!

When you shop for a hot tub or spa, make sure you sit in one and try out the placement and type of jets to sure the one you get are placed where you need them. There are jets that are therapeutic and that might be just what your doctor orders.

One of the reasons a soak in a hot tub helps alleviate pain is because when the blood vessels are dilated there is a reduction in muscle spasms and that can help alleviate back pain. Also, when you have your own hot tub you can get a “treatment” every day rather than a few days a week at a doctor’s office. You also eliminate having to spend time in a car, which can aggravate the pain.

A study in a British journal found a “patient treated through hot tub therapy showed improvement in both mobility and also has a lack of back pain after utilizing the hot tub.” Another reason to invest in one, right?

Talk with your doctor then give us a call and let’s talk about a hot tub or spa for you to help you live a happier, healthier life!

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