If you’re getting a new swimming pool this year, you know it will be a great staycation spot and you also know you can get healthy in a swimming pool. Did you know it’s easy to get fit and have fun in your swimming pool? If you didn’t stick with us and the pool contractors from the best pool builder in Decatur, Illinois will share advice.

Children who love to be in the pool are getting fit without even thinking about it. If you’ve been living a sedentary life and the idea of getting up and going for a walk, bike ride or going to the gym is daunting, jumping into the pool and swimming laps or doing water aerobics or playing games with the children will help you get in shape without breaking a sweat!

Aquacising is essentially water aerobics and is a pain-free way to exercise, regardless of how hot and humid it might be or how out of shape you might be. We do recommend asking your doctor if a swim workout is all right for you before you start.

Water aerobics lets you use the natural buoyancy of the water and its resistance to help you get in shape quickly and in a painfree environment. Special equipment isn’t necessary although some people do use water weights or a kickboard to change up the workout.

Get fit and have fun in your swimming pool

Here are benefits you can gain from swimming a few laps a day or playing games with the kids in the pool:

  • Swimming tones every part of your body
  • A water workout improves coordination and balance
  • The resistance of the water enhances your cardiovascular workout
  • Working in the water exercises all of your muscles and joints at the same time
  • Exercising in a pool doesn’t feel like exercise
  • A pool workout doesn’t put any stress or strain on your joints.

Let us know if you want more insight into how to get in shape in your pool or what type exercise equipment is right for your pool. Swimming pool contractors are essential services and we have been working to construct and clean and maintain swimming pools. If you need a service provider, give us a call!