Swimming pool safety is one of those items that pool contractors from Imperial Pool builders spend time talking with their customers about to help make the pool the “safest room in the house.” High tech pool safety technology such as video camera and motion activated surveillance along with self-locking pool fences and wearable pool alarms for the children all add to make the pool safe.

A pool fence will be a must for your pool as they are mandated by law, but other items you add to your pool to make it as safe as possible are items you can pick and choose from according to your budget and the level of safety you need to provide peace of mind. If you’re a new swimming pool owner and if you have children and pets in the house you may be looking for layers of pool safety technologies. Remember, though no matter how much pool safety technology you have, there is nothing that can take the place of adult supervision.

High tech swimming pool safety technology

Making certain your children know how to swim and that those who are not strong swimmers use life jackets will help to keep everyone safe in the water. Accidents happen in the blink of an eye so you need to be vigilant.

The addition of motion activated surveillance cameras give you peace of mind when you’re in one area of the house and don’t know that a child has gotten out of the house and into the pool area. The cameras will show the pool on closed circuit camera monitors that you can have mounted in the house. You can also add a motion activated alarm to add to the video surveillance to make it doubly as safe.

If your pool has an odd, or curving or an L-shape, or if it has a waterfall which may block views, you may need to have more than one camera to protect every area of the pool.

Regardless of whether you’ve installed cameras adding a pool alarm makes sense, especially if you have children in the home.