Swimming pools and spas and hot tubs just seem to go together. Some pool owners opt to just have a swimming pool constructed. Others opt for a hot tub or spa. While still others want to have a spa and a hot tub along with the swimming pool construction project. The health benefits of hot tubs and spas cannot be denied the swimming pool contractors from Imperial Pools in Decatur, Illinois explain.

If you’re ready to build a swimming pool ask us about the cost of adding a hot tub or spa to the project and also what it would cost if you did it as a separate project. Really stop to think why you want a hot tub or spa, balance the cost and make an informed decision.

Health benefits of hot tubs and spas

Here are some health benefits to consider.

  1. Stress relief. Soaking in the heated, jetted depths of a hot tub provides a way to de-stress from the rigors and stresses of the day. The therapeutic benefits of a soak in heated water with the bubbles help you relax physically and mentally.
  2. Ache and pain relief. If you have muscle spasms, an aching back or sore muscles from a rigorous workout, from moving furniture, lifting children or other activities of the day, a hot tub soak will help with recovery from those aches and pains. If you know you will need this type of relief frequently, make certain your pool contractor knows so he or she can help you choose the right type of jets and their proper placement.
  3. You can workout in a hot tub. You can do leg lifts, shoulder rolls, squats and others without fear of injury. Add to the workout benefits by adding a weight belt or weighted arm or leg belts. When you’re working out in a hot tub or spa your muscles are already relaxed and that helps limit any potential for muscle strain.
  4. Diabetics and those suffering arthritis benefit because the heated jetted water enhances circulation.
  5. Restless night relief. When you pop into the hot tub or spa for ten to fifteen minutes before you go to bed, you’re enhancing your ability to get a good night’s sleep.

 If you’re still looking for other reasons to get a hot tub or spa, just ask us. We can answer any questions that remain.