Hhhmmm are you bored with your swimming pool? How about a project to add water features to your pool in 2020? Water features add intrigue, fun and excitement to a pool that you feel ho-hum about!
The swimming pool contractors from Imperial Pool Builders in Decatur, Illinois explain that water features help set your pool apart and breathe new life into it. A water feature or two may also be more likely to be used based on the ages of your children; toddlers won’t use a slide or diving board, but your teens just might.

Add water features to your pool in 2020

Why should you add a water feature? They can quickly become the focal point.  A water feature will add to the aesthetics. A water feature like a spa can make the pool into an even more wonderful staycation spot.
Consider these water features:
  • Waterfalls with a hidden grotto. Waterfalls sound lovely and add a certain serenity to the pool. If you add a grotto with a seating area you could relax behind the fall of water and enjoy its sounds and sights.
  • A fountain feature. You could get one that looks like a faucet under which you can stand. You could also get fountain features that shoot water from the sides of the pool or out of the bottom of the pool like at a water park.
  • A spillover spa allows you the opportunity to get to and from the hot tub and the pool without having to leave one or the other.
Whether you want to add a water feature as part of a new pool project or as part of a remodeling project, talk with us and let us know what features you might like. If you’re thinking you want water features, but aren’t certain what options would fit into your existing pool design, we can help you with that as well.