It might be difficult to think about the swimming pool right now, especially if you’re living in an area of the country that is still dealing with winter. The swimming pool contractors from Imperial Pools, though think that now is the ideal time to think about should you get a saltwater pool. You can get a saltwater pool if you’re having a pool constructed or if you’re updating or remodeling the pool.

There are many benefits to a saltwater swimming pool and here are a few to think about.

Should you get a saltwater pool?

Even though chlorine is the traditional way to clean a swimming pool, many people are moving away from chlorine and other chemicals and toward a more natural way to keep the water clean – saltwater. Bear in mind, though, even when you use a saltwater chlorination system you will still be introducing small amounts of chlorine into the water, but no where near as much as if you were using chlorine exclusively.

Switching to saltwater is done for many reasons including, having skin that is sensitive to chlorine, not wanting children to swim in chlorinated water, developing an allergy to chlorine because of frequent exposure. Chlorine also has a tendency to turn blonde hair green.

People love salt water because they feel it’s a healthier way to swim.

  1. Salt water pools cost less to maintain because you’re not using chemicals. There is an upfront cost to getting the saltwater chlorinator, but it will pay for itself in the long term.
  2. Swimming in salt water is gentler on your skin and your body.
  3. People who swim in a saltwater pool say the water is “softer” on their bodies. You may find that even though your salt water pool has less salt than swimming in an ocean or the sea, it still makes your skin feel softer.

If you want to make a switch from chlorine swimming pool cleaning methods to a saltwater chlorination system, give us a call and let’s talk about how to make that switch a reality.