Imperial Pool Builders offer pros and cons of hiring a pool service company 

What are the benefits drawbacks of hiring pool service company? this is a question we get asked quite regularly and usually by first time pool owners. It’s a daunting responsibility to take on the cleaning, upkeep and maintenance of a swimming pool, but when you weigh the pros and cons you may find it makes sense (dollars and cents) to hire a pool maintenance company.

Benefits drawbacks of hiring pool service company

When you ask us for a quote for swimming pool maintenance and service make certain you are figuring in how many horus a week you’d be saving when you’re hiring a pool service company. If you have limited free time available, you might just want to swim and not spend your free time in pool maintenance.

  1. Pool cleaning takes about four hours per month. An experienced pool contractor will typically spend between 30 minutes and one hour a week for a full pool cleaning. They can do it in that length of time because they know what they’re doing because they do it all the time. Plan to spend at least $125 per month for cleaning.
  2. Testing and balancing the pool chemicals can take about two hours per month. If you’re taking on the pool cleaning yourself you will need to invest in the pool chemicals in bulk and will also have to store the chemicals in a safe place. If you aren’t comfortable reading the water test strip you may need to take your water to a pool company to be tested and you will need to figure that round trip into your weekly upkeep. If you work with a pool company, testing is part of the fee and you save the drive tiem.
  3. You will save money on pool repairs and remodeling costs if you work with a pool pro. The reason is that they aren’t ever operating on “guesstimates” when it comes to pool cleaning, maintenance and adding chemicals If you aren’t sure what you’re doing and the chemicals get out of line you run the potential of damaging the pool itself and the pool shell/liner.
  4. It will cost you money to hire a pool contractor, but ask him what it will cost, how long it typically takes and ask yourself if you want to devote your free time to pool maintenance and upkeep. Your time is valuable and if you just want to swim, you can weigh that against the cost of pool maintenance.

Before summer rolls around, talk with a few pool service companies and request quotes before summer, compare the prices and decide what your time is worth!