Did you spend the summer of 2018 wishing you had a swimming pool of your own? It’s time now to get ready for a spring 2019 pool construction project so you don’t have to wish for a swimming pool of your own for another year!

The swimming pool contractors from Imperial Pool Builders explain now is the ideal time to talk with them about your 2019 project because construction could get scheduled for early spring or even late autumn (if you have the budget in place) and that way you won’t miss another swim season AND you’re going to be first on our construction list.

Whether your family has decided to get on the schedule autumn or spring pool construction project there are many benefits to start talking with us right now to get plans underway for the project.

Get ready for a spring 2019 pool construction project

  • Get a jump on new technologies. Also, you can take advantage of potentially lower prices because pool contractors and equipment manufacturers are looking to clear out old inventory and you may get a price break.
  • We may be slower now and you will get our undivided attention. In the summer, we are so busy you may find you’ll miss another season if you drag your feet! Put your budget together then call us and let’s help you get started on the many decisions you’ll have to make about your pool. Those decisions include: size, style and placement, landscaping, accessories and outdoor living space upgrades.
  • If you opt for a spring construction project it’s the best time of year to plant the trees and shrubbery and other poolside greenery for your newly installed pool.
  • You won’t miss another summer without a pool!
  • Rainy weather may be a drawback to an autumn or spring pool project BUT in the autumn or spring you’re not going to be swimming so if the project lasts a week or two longer because the ground is wet, it won’t be a huge deal.

Talk with us now and you won’t feel rushed into making any decisions on your pool project. You can have a more leisurely pace for decision-making.