What’s the best pool water temperature? If there is any question guaranteed to start conversations and fights among family members and guests in your pool that is the one! The “best” temperature for you is vastly different than the “best” temperature for your friend or a child. It’s like setting the “best” temperature in the house whether you’re heating it or cooling it. 

Is there a “best” pool water temp? Is there one that pool contractors believe is ideal? Is it a personal preference? The answer is, “yes!” What? The swimming pool contractors from Imperial Pool Builders in Champaign, Ill have some insight into the ideal pool water temperature. 

What’s the best pool water temperature?

  1. Competitive swimmers are comfortable in water with temperatures hovering between 78-82 degrees. That being said, though that could be too cool – or too hot, depending on the individual.
  2. For your family’s swimming pool, if you don’t have a pool heater, the question is moot. If you have a pool heater you will find yourself adjusting it for a few days or weeks until you hit upon the temperature that is warm enough, but not too warm. 

When you have a swimming pool water heater, it may impact your pool cleaning and maintenance schedule.

  1. Higher water temperatures will lead to increased evaporation. This can lead to a quicker build up of dissolved solids.
  2. Higher water temps burn off sanitizer more quickly. You will need to add it more often. 
  3. Bacteria and algae grow at faster rates in higher temperatures.
  4. Because of the heat, scale forms in the water because of the “saturation index.”

 You can heat your pool water with a heat pump, a gas or propane or electric heater or a solar pool heating system. They each have unique advantages and disadvantages. Talk with us if you’re looking to heat the pool water so you can extend your pool swim time. Remember, too that using a pool cover and a solar pool cover will keep the water warmer longer.