This is the year your family will be getting its own swimming pool. There is nothing more exciting! The swimming pool contractors from Imperial Pool Builders in Decatur, Illinois offer 5 reasons to get a concrete pool this year. There are myriad decisions you have to make when becoming a pool owner, not the least of which is the pool construction material.

Concrete aka gunite provides flexibility of design, longevity and does have the highest price tag, but it is the most durable of pool construction materials. 

An in ground pool is an investment in your property will add to the resale value of your home. When you work with us we can help walk you through the process of the pool construction project from start to finish. 

5 reasons to get a concrete pool

Here are some reasons a concrete swimming pool may be the best construction material and decision for your family’s backyard pool.  

  1. An inground  concrete pool increases your home’s value. If you’re eventually going to sell your home, this could be a selling point. Don’t have a pool installed merely for that reason, though. 
  2. It’s a good long term investment. Concrete is a low maintenance construction material, rarely springs a lead and will last decades. 
  3. It will enhance the beauty and ambiance of your home and yard.  Add decorative retaining walls to further customize and personalize the swimming pool and your swimming experience. 
  4. Unlike fiberglass or vinyl liner pools, concrete will not need to be replaced. Concrete costs more money than other construction materials but you see a return on your investment in durability.
  5. Concrete swimming provides more design flexibility than other building materials. With concrete the design and style  is limited by your budget and your imagination.  Choosing plaster or other finishes further enhances the uniqueness of your pool project.

When it comes to concrete swimming pools they are as unique as each family who chooses one. A concrete pool project will take longer than other construction materials, but since you’ll have decades to spend in the pool, it will be worth the wait!