Woohoo you’re going to be swimming pool owners this year! Wait! Don’t sign a pool contract until you talk with your homeowner’s insurance agent! There are so many decisions you need to make when you’re deep into designing your swimming pool and outdoor living space project for your Decatur, Illinois backyard, but you need to make certain you will still have homeowner’s insurance once the project is complete.

There are some homeowner’s insurance policies that specifically exclude coverage for swimming pools. Other insurance carriers will require increased limits of liability — sometimes up to a $1 million umbrella policy. Still, others will exclude the pool from the policy coverage leaving you uninsured and on the hook for any injuries that may occur in and around the pool. Never let yourself be uninsured!

  1. Talk with your agent first.
  2. Understand your coverages
  3. Understand what is not covered.
  4. Ask for a quote on an umbrella policy
  5. Increase liability limits as high as you can comfortably afford.
  6. It’s better to be safe, and insured, than sorry.

Don’t sign a pool contract until you talk with your homeowner’s insurance agent

Budget for potential increases in your homeowner’s insurance and factor that into the costs of the overall pool project.

What do homeowner’s insurance policies cover? This is by no means an exhaustive list nor is it intended to be insurance coverage advice. Talk with your agent to understand what coverage you have and what you don’t

  • Homeowner’s insurance policies cover you for potential damage and will reimburse you to get your home rebuilt and your personal belongings replaced.
  • Liability coverage protects you if someone gets injured at your home (or in your pool if you’re covered)
  • Ask whether your pool structure would be covered or if you need to buy specific coverage in the event the pool is damaged. It may be considered a separate structure and therefore require separate coverage.
  • Ask for quotes for increased liability or even an umbrella coverage policy to protect yourself.

When budgeting for your pool project here are items that may/will increase

  1. Payback for the pool itself
  2. Ongoing pool maintenance
  3. Increases in utility bills
  4. Potential insurance coverage increase

Owning a swimming pool is an exciting time and is also fraught with additional expenses and items to consider. When you work with us we help remove stress because we arm you with all the information you need to make informed decisions. At Imperials Pools Inc. we want to help your pool construction to smoothly and answer all your questions so you can enjoy the process and the finished product!