There are few things as exciting as a swimming pool project. If you’re talking with the swimming pool contractors from Imperial Pools, Inc. in Champaign, Illinois they may tell you why it’s best to construct pool & outdoor space at the same time. Here’s why... cost savings is the major factor. When you’re investing in a pool and can save even a little bit, as you can if you do the entire project as one, why not do just that?

Planning for a swimming pool project likely means you will also be planning and designing your outdoor living space, too. In fact, you will probably spend more time around the pool than you do in the pool. Because of that, you will want an outdoor space that allows for relaxation and comfort when you’re not swimming.

Construct pool & outdoor space at the same time: Here’s why

One of the first things you should share with your pool contractor is your overall budget. Ask us to help you break down what you can get for the pool itself as well as any outdoor living space options you’re considering. You may want to scale back a bit on the pool construction if it means you get an outdoor space in which to enjoy time around the pool. You don’t want to look at your beautiful pool and be uncomfortable in webbed lawn chairs do you? Probably not.

The budget for your pool project will obviously drive the entire project, but you might be able to have it all, just ask us how to make it happen for you.

  1. When you have the pool and outdoor space constructed and designed at the same time, it all works in harmony. Even if you can’t have all of your outdoor living space dreams realized you can go back and put pieces in a little bit at a time BUT the overall design will help keep the entire project harmonious. Also, if you fall in love with one type of stone or tile and don’t do the entire project at once you may not be able to find that tile or stone later on.
  2. If you have to remove trees or install grading to accommodate the pool and the eventual outdoor living space it may just be easier and less expensive and certainly less disruptive to your living enjoyment and swimming enjoyment to do it all at once.
  3. If you’re looking to add technology into the project which is a great idea for a myriad of reasons, the technology may be more unified if you purchase it as an entire package rather than trying to piece various types and models of technology after the fact.
  4. Your pool contractor may find it easier to coordinate any subcontractors who will work together from start to finish and hopefully all finish at the same time so you can get into the pool as soon as the water chemistry is balanced.
  5. As mentioned, you may save money by getting the entire project done at once. No additional heavy equipment will need to be hired and brought in to finish a project.

Talk with us and let’s see what your budget is and what you can do to get the entire project done at once. You’ll be glad you did!