Does your pool patio make you happy? This isn’t a trick question. Stop and think about how you feel when you’re relaxing poolside. Do you love where you’re sitting? Now consider, too that chances are you spend more time around the pool than in it and then doesn’t it make sense that the pool patio should bring you joy?

Sometimes, in the midst of a swimming pool construction project, the swimming pool contractors from Imperial Pools in Champaign, Illinois say, the new pool owner looks at the price tag and one of the items that get cut from the project is the outdoor living space, deck or pool patio. We understand.

We also know that many of our customers come back to us later and add the patio or outdoor living space back into the project — whether soon after, during or a few years after the pool has been constructed. A lovely outdoor living space also gives you somewhere to sit that isn’t in the grass or yard itself which will inevitably turn to mud when swimmers are dashing back and forth.

 Does your pool patio make you happy?

Before swim season 2020 kicks into full gear, take some time to give your pool patio and outdoor living space some thought and decide whether it’s time to upgrade and update it.

  • Is the natural shade working? Do you have enough shade or too much shade? If you have too much and the pool is shrouded in shade you may need to cut back the trees to open it up a bit. If you don’t have enough shade you may need to, or want to, add trees or shrubs, a privacy fence, gazebo or awning.
  • Will upgrading the pool furniture be enough to make you happy with the patio? Do you want new furniture or do you simply want to reupholster the furniture you have? Maybe you want to invest in a new, more trendy style of furniture.
  • How well lit is the patio and seating area?
  • Go big if you have the budget for it. Add an outdoor kitchen, a pool house, a fire feature or even water features.
  • If you have no deck at all, this is the time to add one.

Make a list of the ways in which you currently use your poolside space. Now make a list of the ways you’d like to use the poolside space. Compare the two. If there are deficiencies, give us a call and let’s talk about your patio project.