What can make your yard look even more beautiful? Would could highlight your lovely swimming pool? A vanishing edge pool, of course! Does an infinity pool make sense? The swimming pool contractors from Imperial Pools, Inc in Decatur, IL explain hat some yards are simply made for infinity pools!

You will need to budge for a vanishing edge pool as they will likely cost you more than a traditional pool. Don’t fear, though the water doesn’t actually fall out of the pool — it is captured in a catch basin and then cleaned and recycled back into the pool.

Does an infinity pool make sense?

Inifinity edge pools:

  1. Have four walls, one is just shorter
  2. The shorter edge is where the catch basin will be constructed. No water is wasted.
  3. Give your yard a once-over with a critical eye and see if there is a space in it in which you can see yourself swimming up to the edge and admiring the view.

Gunite is the construction material you will need to choose if you’re dreaming of a vanishing edge swimming pool. Don’t forget to plan for unique pool tiles or coping that will enhance the vanishing edge. Find a pool contractor who has experience in constructing this type of unique pool.