Now that the swimming season is over, or close to over for 2020, it might be time to call your swimming pool contractor from Imperial Pools, Inc. in Decatur, Illinois about a pool closing. Do you need a new pool cover before 2021? That is a question your pool contractor can let you know whether your pool cover will get you through another winter season.

Some pool owners have covers they use in the summer for the swimming pool and another that they use when the pool is covered for the winter. The winter cover needs to keep snow and ice out and protect the pool from the elements. How old is the pool cover? Is it still in good shape? Check it for any worn spots or areas where it is frayed and needs replacement.

Do you need a new pool cover before 2021?

A swimming pool cover should be considered a necessary piece of equipment when you become a swimming pool owner — not an accessory. When you have a pool, using the cover diligently provides many benefits for the pool — during the swim season.

  • Could be an additional layer of safety
  • Keeps rodents and other wildlife out
  • Keeps heat trapped — a plus if you’re heating the pool water
  • Slows the rate of water evaporation and that can save money and on chemical use
  • Keeping dirt and debris out of the pool, naturally keeps the water cleaner and cust back on maintenance

Make an investment in both a winter and a summer pool cover. If you have children or pets in the house, upgrade to a safety cover that can support the weight of a child or pet to keep them safe.

If you’re getting ready to close the pool for the season, give us a call and we can inspect your pool cover and make certain it will carry you through another season.