Almost any project has some costs you hadn’t planned for (construction delays, materials being a higher price than planned, etc.). Budgeting tips for new pool construction will help you finance the pool of your dreams. When you work with a swimming pool contractor from Imperial Pools in Champaign, Illinois, he or she will discuss as many of the potential increases or price overruns that may occur:

  1. Weather delays
  2. Hitting rock or stone during the excavation phase
  3. Upgrades to materials and equipment you may not have considered initially

When you’re planning your pool project it is best, obviously, to have as firm figures at hand as possible. Many pool contractors will build in a cushion for potential cost overruns — this helps you plan for the project upfront rather than having to open your wallet in the midst of the project.

There are upfront costs you will budget for but you may wonder what costs should potentially plan for that may not be immediate during the beginning of the construction.

You can’t simply call a pool contractor and ask, “How much will it cost me to get a swimming pool?” It’s just not a question that can be easily answered by the contractor naming a figure. A pool contractor could give you a ballpark figure, but that is just that — a ballpark. He could say, “The average pool costs $10,000…” keep in mind that is an average — just an estimate. Your pool, your wants and needs and even your backyard space and the soil in your yard may make that average, not so average after all.

Budgeting tips for new pool construction

What are some of the prices you need to budget for?

  1. Building material: concrete, vinyl liner, fiberglass
  2. Size and placement in the yard
  3. Accessories — rock waterfall, fountain, pool heater, slide, diving board, etc.
  4. The soil that needs excavation and the grading around the pool
  5. Plumbing and electrical needs
  6. The quality of equipment you will invest in
  7. Many others

Use this checklist as a jumping-off point to talk with your pool contractor about when planning the project:

  1. How much landscaping will need to be done to accommodate the pool?
  2. What trees, if any, will need to be removed
  3. How much will a pool fence and other security measures cost
  4. What will it cost to have the dirt hauled away
  5. If you want a concrete slab or a larger deck area, what will that cost
  6. What will it cost to run the plumbing lines and electrical
  7.  Will your pool project need a retaining wall
  8. Ask for an estimate for increases in utility bills
  9. What are the potential costs for pool maintenance
  10. What are the eventual cost savings if you opt for higher-level and more energy-efficient equipment

Your pool contractor should talk with you prior to any additional costs being added to the project so you can make a determination on whether you want to pay the extra.

Do your research. Talk with a pool contractor you feel you can trust. Enjoy your pool!