There are so many items you need to think about and plan for when you’re having a swimming pool constructed. There are, however some things that may never have entered your mind during the planning process. The swimming pool contractors from Imperial Pools in Decatur, Illinois offer 3 pool construction items you never thought about.

Swimming pool construction, planning for it, paying for it and enjoying the pool once it’s done it will be a place of fun, entertainment and memory-building for you, your friends and family for decades to come!

3 pool construction items you never thought about

You’ve talked with the pool contractor about the price. You’ve decided on the size, shape and placement. You know the design of the pool and you know approximately when it will be done… but what happens in between?

  1. Where do the items that are in your backyard, that may need to be moved for the pool construction go? Will the contractors and the heavy equipment have space to get to the excavation site without your having to move the kid’s swingset or sand box? Are there trees or other items that may impede access? Look at that and have a plan for moving it before the contractors arrive. You don’t want to waste valuable construction time because you need to move items around the yard.
  2. If the backyard is off limits during construction — and it needs to be — where will the children play? Is there a playground close by where you could take them? Is there an area in the front or side yard where they can play? They simply cannot be in the backyard with the construction crews or the heavy equipment. You will also need to find a place for Fluffy and Fido to play and do their business. You don’t want children or pets in a construction zone and contractors will be in and out of the yard and may forget to close the gate behind them.
  3. Your utility bills may increase prior to your opening your swimming pool. The contractors will need access to electricity and will use water during various phases of construction. Be prepared for increases in utilities during the construction phase.

Once the project has been complete and you’re relaxing in your swimming pool, the construction phase will be a distant memory — but you need to make allotments in order to get there!