Imperial Pools contractors offer pool safety measure tips

When it comes to swimming pools and swimming pool safety, there are many “best swimming pool safety measures” that pool owners can add to their pool to make it the safest room in the house. A pool is a responsibility when it comes to upkeep and maintenance as well as safety for everyone in the pool and in the household.

Curious children, playful pets and wildlife will be lured to the pool whether for the lights, the fun or by chasng a toy that may have blown into the pool. For this reason, swimming pool fences with locking gates are typically required in all municipalities to keep everyone safe, the swimming pool contractors from Imperial Pools explain.

Best swimming pool safety measures

The Center for Disease Control notes that ten people die daily from unintentional drowning. Drowning is currrently the fifth leading cause of death in the United States. You don’t want your child or pet to become one of the statistics. A pool alarm should be a must-have for all pool owners.

Here are some pool styles to consider:

Pool Protector Inground alarm. This alarm keeps people out of your pool when you’re not around – ideal if you work during the day or are on vacation. This alarm has an indoor monitor that allows you to hear it when it goes off, no matter where you are in the house. This alarm has a range of 200 feet. It is designed specifically to keep pets and children away from the pool.

Poolguard GAPT-2 attaches to the pool gate and sounds when the gate is open. The alarm includes an “adult pass through” feature that means it won’t sound when an adult passes through, but will still sound if anyone else tries to breach its barriers.

Poolguard PGRM-SB Buoy. This pool alarm isn’t mounted to the pool, it floats in the water and sounds when the surface of the water is broken – if a child or pet falls in. You can change the sensitivity at which it sounds – you don’t want the alarm going off when a leaf falls in, for example. This alarm sounds at the source and in a remote station that you can place inside your house.

Pool Patrol PA. This alarm is battery-operated and when the alarm goes off it will sound at the source and in a station inside your home. Again, you can adjust the sensitivity of this alarm to only sound when a child or pet falls in, not leaves or other outdoor debris.

Blue Wave NA4212. This is a cost-effective pool alarm and will detect whether pets or children or anyone who shouldn’t be in the pool is in the pool. It will detect anything that falls into the pool that weighs more than fifteen pounds. This alarm will sound at the source and also at a remote receiver that you can place in the house.

To amp up the safety of your pool add an alarm or security system that lets you watch the pool as well as hear an alarm sounding. A motion-activated security system – much the same as those you’d have to secure your home are ideal for poolside as well. Talk with us to discuss the best type of pool alarm and we can work with you to install it.