Pool finishes make the pool, Imperial Pool Builders explain

There are many decisions that need to be made when designing or remodeling your swimming pool and the pool contractors from Imperial Pool Builders in Champaign, IL say that pool finishes make the pool. The pool finish is truly the final piece that ties your entire pool project together and can complement your home and its unique style or it can be something entirely unique and give the pool a separate feeling. There are myriad options available for pool finishes and you will want to mix and match and ask for some photo ideas of what the finish will look like on your completed pool.

Pool finishes make the pool

  1. Pool tiles that surround the top level of the swimming pool and can make up the pool deck can add interest and intrigue. The pool tiles can give the pool a mosaic feeling and add a unique design and flair to the pool project. You can combine border colors and patterns with the pool tiles and make the pool distinctive.
  2. A vinyl liner swimming pool is a style that is friendly on the wallet and is also a place in which you can choose from various colors and designs to make your pool unique. If you’re considering a pool remodel, think outside of the box for your swimming pool liner and make your pool look like an entirely new structure — through the color and design of the liner.
  3. Pool plaster is likely one of the most common pool finishes. You can add color to the plaster. Ask your pool contractor about adding texture or even bits of quartz or stone. Pool plaster is durable and high quality.
  4. An aggregate finish is considered trending. Aggregate is a combinaion of ceramic coated sand, stone or pebbles and these items are added into the plaster finish. Each pool designed with an aggregate finish is unique. Aggragate becomes more durable and sturdy over time.

Think about how you want your pool to look when the project is complete. Picture yourself relaxing pool side and think about what colors you’d like to be looking at for the next decade or more then make your decision!