Imperial Pools contractors explain that automation makes pool ownership easier 

Automation is making many areas of our lives easier and automation makes pool ownership easier as well. There are many items that your pool contractor from Imperial Pools can integrate into your swimming pool and its equipment that will help make it easier and less work and even more fun to be a pool owners.

Automation makes pool ownership easier

  1. You can have almost all of your pool operations automated and computerized and that can allow you to control every feature of the pool from your smart phone, laptop or tablet. Some of the items that can be automated include lighting, water features, the heat and jets on your spa and even the opening and closing of the pool cover.
  2. If you use your pool to get in shape, automation can give you a better workout! How? If you have a swim spa with a jet system, you can automate the jets to amp up the resistance you face when swimming laps.
  3. The cleaning of the swimming pool is one of the most tedious tasks pool owners face — unless they leave the work to a pool service contractor. Look into pool cleaning automation. In-pool vacuums and robotic cleaners help keep the pool clean between service visits or help cut down on the time you spend when you have to clean the pool.

Safety is always an issue with swimming pools and automation can help relieve the burden and keep everyone in the family safer. Automate the pool cover and add safety devices and alarms to the area. You can turn the system on and off when you’re in the water, but set the pool alarm to turn on automatically once you close the pool cover — a great way to assure the cover is closed and the pool is as safe as it can be.