How to upgrade your outdoor living space, Imperial Pool Builders offer tipsĀ 

Ask any swimming pool owner and he or she will tell you that once you have a pool, you won’t spend too much time indoor in the summer. If you’re wondering how to upgrade your outdoor living space so you can spend as many hours poolside as possible, the swimming pool contractors from Imperial Pool Builders have suggestions and ideas to help make that happen.

The area that is poolside ir prime real estate when it comes to revamping and updating your outdoor living space. Let’s face it, too, you will likely more time out of the water than you will in the water and because of that, having a beautiful, functional outdoor living space just makes sense.

In fact, one of the biggest trends in remodeling today, swimming pool contractors explain, is creating an outdoor living space that mimicks the indoors! Revamping your outside living space will turn your pool into just a place to swim and into a true staycation area and will make the outdoors the center of activity all summer long.

How to upgrade your outdoor living space

What can you do to upgrade your outdoor living space? You can add a fountain to the pool, a fireplace or fire features poolside, a kitche, a swim-up bar or even a rock waterfall complete with a grotto for the swimming pool. As part of the renovation you may want to upgrade the pool to the latest, most energy efficient products available.

If you don’t already have lighting in your swimming pool, adding that as part of the remodeling project will bring ambiance and beauty to the pool — especially when you swim at night. In pool lighting also adds to the safety of the pool when you’re swimming at night. Don’t forget to think about the type of and placement of lighting poolside when you’re upgrading your outdoor living space.

Do you want to add a hot tub as part of the project? If you do, what kind of accessories do you want to add with the hot tub? Heated towel racks? Weather resistant entertainment center? Lighting to set the romantic mood of a night time soak?

How about a pool house? A pool house can be either an area for storage or it can be a place in which to entertain guests or even have overnight guests. You could put a kitchen, washer, dryer, shower and more amenities in the pool house. You may, however, decide that you want to have an outdoor kitchen that is truly outdoors. Ask us about weather resistant cooking equipment, cupboards and more. With an outdoor kitchen you can always be part of the fun and won’t have to be running from the outdoors to the indoors to prepare meals.

If your renovation budget allows you may opt to change from a chlorine cleaned pool to a salt water chlorinator to keep the water clean and clear. Ask us for suggestions for your project. You’ll be glad you started the process now — before summer 2017 rolls around. We can kick off your project and chances are you won’t miss any pool time!