Add fire features to your swimming pool area, Imperial Pool Builders explain how

You may not be thinking about fire features and your swimming pool with summer on the horizon, but once summer is over (we know you don’t want to think about that!) if you add fire features to yoru swimming pool area you can extend the tiem you spend poolside once the sun goes down and the chill is in the air. The swimming pool contractors from Imperial Pool builders offer tips on how to add fire features.

Add fire features to your swimming pool area

  1. A fireplace can be a focal point of the pool area and is functional as well as beautiful. Have your pool contractor place the fireplace on one edge of the swimming pool or a cozy corner of the patio to add beauty and warmth.
  2. Add a fire pit. These fire features are more open than a fireplace and have a wide diversity in design options. A firepit is also least expensive than other fire features. Let us know whether you’d like a moveable fire pit or one that will be stationery. If you have a fire pit it lends itself to cooking marshmallows and other foods on the grates.
  3. An outdoor kitchen is a step up from other fire features and truly gives your pool side a high impact design. When you have an outdoor kitchen or grill you may never need to cook in the house in the summer again! Look for weather resistant appliances and barbecue islands grills. If you’re adding a kitchen you may want to consider the addition of cupboards and other outdoor amenities to make outdoor living, eating and cooking easier.
  4. A firewall is a unique, semi-new design option which features a wall that appears to have flames coming out of the sides and top. They are more aesthetically pleasing than functional. Firewalls can also be equipped wtih water features and the combination is beautiful and relaxing.

If you want a fire feature, talk with us today and let’s make it happen!