When summer is in full swing, no one wants to go in the house to cook or eat dinner. This is especially true if you’re hosting a pool party — you don’t want to be in the house when all the fun and action is happening outside. We have put together a list of 6 outdoor kitchen poolside add-ons you may want to consider if you’re working with the swimming pool builders from Imperial Pools to have an outdoor kitchen constructed.

There are many more add-ons to consider but this short list will give you an idea of things you may never have considered in your outdoor kitchen.

6 Outdoor Kitchen Poolside Add-ons

 What steps should you take for your outdoor kitchen project?

  1. What is your budget
  2. Do you have any must-haves for the project
  3. What is the best location for the kitchen

Do you have enough space for an outdoor kitchen set up? Do you have a good traffic flow from the pool to the house and keep everyone safe around the kitchen? This is crucial for its placement. You will also have to have a concrete slab poured for the kitchen unless you have a large enough space available on the deck you currently have.

Here are some accessories and add ons to think about

  1. A cook top, pizza oven, convection oven — and of course your BBQ grill
  2. Weather-resistant cupboards and appliances
  3. Additional sets of cookware, flatware, silverware and other meal items.
  4. A hot dog roller. Roast sausages or hot dogs, cook them evenly and leave grill marks.
  5. A smoker and a grill that offers both gas and charcoal capabilities.
  6. Sink, dishwasher and food prep space

Does an outdoor kitchen make sense for your lifestyle? In the summer months, people use the outdoor kitchen almost exclusively in summer and well into the cooler months so they can still enjoy delicious food cooked over open flames.

Ask us about the idea of an outdoor kitchen project and let’s get it underway!

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