Swimming pool construction materials come in concrete, fiberglass and vinyl liners, and the swimming pool contractors from Imperial Pools Inc in Champaign, Illinois work in all three. Today we want to share the 5 reasons to get a concrete swimming pool to help you make your decision on the construction material for your new swimming pool.

A concrete pool is an investment in the value of your property but in fun and exercise with your family. Budgeting, upkeep and maintenance and the length of time you want to wait to swim in your pool are all factors when it comes to making this big decision.

5 reasons to get a concrete swimming pool

Here are five of the many reasons we talk with our customers about when they are putting together their swimming pool project ideas and plan.

  1. Your home values could increase with the installation and construction of a concrete swimming pool. A well-made swimming pool is an investment that can increase the resale value of your home. Because a gunite swimming pool is a permanent structure it is an extension of your home and adds more to its value than other construction materials might.
  2. The addition of a swimming pool completely transforms the look of your backyard, taking it from ho-hum to a luxurious oasis. When you add in landscaping, decking and even an outdoor kitchen area, you can move your indoor living outside! The concrete pool and its sweeping lines and versatility also add to that transformation.
  3. There are so many choices when having an in ground pool built out of concrete aka gunite. From colors to styles, to finishes and designs you can let your imagination be the limit when it comes to your unique pool design.
  4. Concrete is one of the most durable.¬† A gunite swimming pool lasts for decades and certainly won’t rip or tear!
  5. Gunite is the most versatile of construction materials and when you see a pool with a swooping, sweeping design that seems to defy the eye, then you can pretty much know it is a gunite pool.

Concrete swimming pools are the construction material of choice for the discriminating homeowner that is looking for a long-lasting, durable swimming pool that truly reflects their unique personality.

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